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The Line Between Here and Bored – Book Review


Book 2

By Andrea KANE




Amanda Gleason’s infant son, Justin has a rare immune deficiency that only one person seems to have a cure for…his late father. Paul was murdered before Amanda even had a chance to tell him she was pregnant. Just when time seems to running out a friend sends her a photo that shows a man who looks a lot like Paul. Amanda wonders if Paul may be alive. If he is he could save his son’s life. A desperate mother falls at the mercy of Forensic Instinct – A behaviorist. A former navy SEAL. A techno-wizard. An intuitive. A retired FBI agent. A human-scent-evidence dog – to not only do the impossible but in the shortest amount of time.

The Good: I was absorbed into this novel from the beginning as Kane makes you feel invested not only in saving Justin’s life but figuring out why/how Paul vanished IF he wasn’t really murdered. Each of the characters has a niche and also interact with one another differently which makes you interested in the investigators as well as the investigation. The Bad: Some parts were dragged out a bit so that when the reveals come you already are ahead of them. Overall I would recommend the read but not a Kane favourite.

READ the 1st book in the series when FORENSIC INSTINCTS takes on their first case…

The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

(Book 1)

“If she’d only turned her head, she would have seen the car containing her daughter, struggling to escape her kidnapper. Despite years determining the fates of families, family court judge Hope Willis couldn’t save her own. Now she’s grasping at any hope for Krissy’s rescue. She calls Casey Woods and her team of investigators, Forensic Instincts. A behaviorist. A techno-wizard. An intuitive. A former Navy SEAL. Unconventional operatives. All with unique talents and reasons for joining Casey’s group. Able to accurately read people after the briefest encounter, Casey picks up signs of a nervous spouse, a guilty conscience, a nanny that hides on her cell. She watches as secrets creep into the open. But time is running out, and the authorities are bound by the legal system. Not Casey’s team. For they know that the difference between Krissy coming back alive and disappearing forever could be as small as a suspect’s rapid breathing, or as deep as Hope’s dark family history.” (From Amazon)

I really enjoyed the first novel in the Forensic Instinct series.  While I figured out who kidnapped Krissy it was still an exciting read especially to figure out who kidnapped Felicity.  It is a fast paced read that leaves you a bit breathless until the end.  Casey Woods is a great heroine that is what you expect in an investigator from the 1940s!

Mystery Novellas


(Book 6 – Novella)

By Karin Slaughter


Will Trent is on a sting operation when he spots something amiss between a little girl and man.  Thinking that this could be an abduction Will goes with his instinct and runs after the man.  As he chases him through the airport Will calls in help from Atlanta Team.

I really liked this novella – and not just because of Will Trent but – because there was so much Slaughter’s action packed into this small prose.  I, of course, wanted more but felt that the story came to a good ending.

Will Trent
1. Triptych (2006)
2. Fractured (2008)
3. Genesis (2009)
aka Undone
4. Broken (2010)
5. Fallen (2011)
6. Snatched (2012)
7. Criminal (2012) – I will be reading this one later this month!
*covers are from the UK
CLOUDED VISION (Stand alone novel)
By Linwood Barclay
Ellie Garfield, wife and mother of a pregnant girl, has not returned home and her family is worried.  Wendell and Melissa take to the air begging for their mother/wife’s return. Enter Keisha Ceylon psychic or con artist tries to beat Winonna (another psychic) to the Garfield home to help locate Ellie.  What Keisha, Wendell and Melissa don’t know in this case might just hurt them!
A fun short story BUT I wanted more.  A great story for those who like a good suspense/mystery.  It actually reminded me of an episode of Dateline Mysteries – where you just get the bare bones of the case.

BOOK 2 in the Darkest London REVIEWED



by Kristen Callihan


Daisy Ellis, middle sister, was the only one not to have married for love. Foisted on Craigmore by her father Daisy endured a marriage of hell until she become a widow. Happy to be free from Craigmore she discovers he did not leave her any money so finds herself making perfume for profit.  All is starting to look up until there are murders that seem to be connected to Daisy’s new scent.

Ian Ranulf has been used to keeping to the shadows and trying to stay away from London society.  He thought all that possible including passion has now been ignited by a pretty blonde who is not his usual type.  As he sets forth to protect her and help uncover the murderer he finds himself more than intrigued with the young widow.

I have been waiting for this novel since I read FIRELIGHT and it did not disappoint.  I was intrigued with the young girl married to an old cruel man but still seemed to shine.  The chemistry between her and Ian is crackling yet subtle.  This novel has it all – mystery, murder, romance, history and the paranormal.  This is a new series to watch!

FOR REVIEW ON 1ST book see link below:

Parable, Montana: A New Place to Visit


Book 1

Linda Lael Miller


Slade Barlow has never received any recognition from his biological father, John Carmody all his life so imagine his surprise when he leaves half his estate to him.  The other half is willed to his half brother, Hutch, who was Carmody’s legitimate son. Hutch wants to buy Slade’s half of the ranch and Slade wants to be a rancher when his time as Sheriff is over.  Slade cannot let go of his hurt and chooses to leave Hutch hanging.

Joslyn Kirk returns to town years after her stepfather scammed the townspeople out of their hard-earned money.  She is living in her old house that was bought by her best friend, Kendra and looking for away to make peace with the town of Parable.  Joslyn and Slade are starting to get feelings for one another but neither will make the first move as they have been hurt before.  Throw in a 16 year-old stepdaughter and Opal who worked for Joslyn’s family and watch the couple try and stay apart.

This is a simple small town cowboy romance romance but quite enjoyable.  If you are looking for a predictable story with hot ranchers this is what you need! I can’t wait for Hutch and Kendra’s story next.




Book 2

Linda Lael Miller



Hutch Carmody has half of Whisper Creek Ranch and come to terms with his illegitimate half brother, Slade.  His life is going well except he does not have a woman in his life, more specifically Kendra Shepherd.  Kendra has returned to Parable with 4 year-old, Madison whom she has recently adopted. She realizes she has everything she ever wanted – a loving child, great friends, a good job, a giving town and even a pet dog – except a man and father for Madison.  Every time that Madison asks for a father and cuddles up to Hutch Kendra is torn between her past love for Hutch and what is right for her little family. Can both Hutch and Kendra put their past aside and look to the future together?


I am really liking this new contemporary romance series by Miller.  If you like to know what happens to characters after happily ever after you will enjoy this series.  Kendra and Hutch are introduced in book one along with many other characters. I like that she gives snippets of characters so that when they get their own book their story is not completely new.  It is like Virgin River (by Robyn Carr) in many senses.





Book 3

By Pamela Callow


Kate Lange’s past is coming front and center staring with France Sloan. Frances has ALS and wants Kate to lobby for assisted suicide on her behalf. Frances is the mother of Kenzie Sloan who was once friends with Imogen. It was Kenzie’s house party that Kate dragged Imogen from and ultimately led to the car accident and Imogen’s death. The memories flood back as Kenzie, now a tattoo artist, is coming to visit with her mother in her final days. Kenzie’s former boy friend, McNally, has also been recently released from prison and has his sight on both Kenzie and Kate.

With Randall in New York, Kate is unsure where there relationship stands and if she should wait for him. Ethan Drake her former fiancee has decided he wants to try again and will do anything for her. In the next few days things from the past will bubble to the present and only some will make it through.

I love Kate Lange and this series. I like that it is set in Eastern Canada but not in Toronto (set in Nova Scotia). I remember the Sue Roderiguez case and how it affected everyone. I liked the plot of this book but it some how felt impersonal. Every sub-plot seemed a bit rushed but this is in comparison to rest of the series. I still liked this novel and would recommend this series.


Book #1: DAMAGED


Damaged is Callow’s debut suspense novel but don’t try to label it as just a medical or legal thriller because you will miss out on SO much.  Kate Lange, a new lawyer in Nova Scotia, is being haunted by her past (her sister’s death and the break up of her engagement) so throws herself into a new case.  Her legal advice to her new client appears to have led to her granddaughter’s death.  As Kate tries to clear her reputation she is thrown  in the path of a serial killer!

A new favourite character and author! A strong female character and I love mysterious brooding Randall! I cannot wait to get my hands on the 2nd Kate Lange book. I also really like the fact that it is set in Nova Scotia, Canada versus Vancouver or Toronto.


Short Fiction: Review



By Barbara Freethy


It is the birthday of…Liz who is turning 30 years old and is still looking for love…Angie who is turning 35 years old and wants to be a mother…Carol who is turning 40 years old and is wondering where her life has gone.

Liz has been dumped by her longterm boyfriend, Kyle and is single again among her coupled friends.  She makes a wish to find someone to love her…and then meets a mysterious man on the roof of the hospital who takes her on an adventure.

Angie wants a quiet evening but comes home to a large surprise party thrown by her mother.  She has a great husband and job but is unable to have a child. When Colin says he does not want to try anymore Angie leaves her own party to think about her future. Her wish is to have a child and then she is mugged.

Carol has left her small town life and has been married to Blake for almost 20 years.  As she watched her politician husband flirt with another woman she leaves her own party.  She visits her mother whom she has not seen for 10 years. Carol wishes she was not alone…and is reunited with her ex-fiance.

I am not a big fan of novellas but have enjoyed past Freethy books so thought I would give it a shot when I see it on NetGalley.  It is only a 100+ pages but there is so much emotion packed into this short fiction. 



Novella #2

By Barbara Freethy


Braden and Alexa met the summer they were 10 and fell in love soon after. Before either could tell the other Alexa’s parents divorce and her mother takes her from Sand Harbor and moves to the East coast. 15 years later…Bradon has come home from serving in the Army (after being injured in combat) and is trying to get over a divorce and what he will do next. Alexa has also returned when her Aunt Phoebe is attacked in her shop. Alexa and Bradon get together to investigate who attacked Phoebe and their own past.

Book 2 in the wish series is quite different then the first book. The only thing that ties them together is the theme of making wishes. This novel is about one couple and not just their journey for love and life but also a mystery. They try and find out who attacked Alexa’s aunt and soon are drawn into the past and other mystery. I liked that when I finished this novella I was satisfied. It was only 100+ pages and yet I think it was well done. I will definitely read the third book slated for Summer 2013.



Written by Candice Hern


Richard (aka Major Lord Mallory) returns home from the wars and finds his beloved grandfather on his deathbed.  His cold non-maternal grandmother sends him on a mission to find the long-lost Mallory heart before her husband dies.  At one of the social events in London he sees the brooch pinned to Lady Isabel Weymouth’s bosom.  Was this socialite widow a jewel thief as well?  Richard steals the brooch from Isabel (who is borrowing the jewelry from her grandmother) then Isabel steals it back the next day.  So begins the game of jewel thievery but soon they don’t know if they are stealing the brooch or one anothers’s heart.

A fun historical romp sizzling with passion and a hint of mystery and action.  A great read all around.  Hern has as a way with dialogue and characters.  Even when they were a bit cliched you still felt love or hate for them.  It is a predictable story that keeps you entertained.

Series Review: Order of the Sicari


(Book 1)



Emma Zale, an Archaeologist, is arrested for murdering her mentor but is released when the misunderstanding is cleared.  The loss of a close friend and mentor is only the start of things to come…A mysterious stranger is going to come into her life and change everything she thought was true and what was myths.

I was mesmorized by this novel and could not stop reading!I loved Ares and Emma as they sizzled every time they were in the same room.  The characters in this novel were all fabulous whether you hated or loved them.  I cannot wait for the next book!


(Book 2)



The story continues with Ares’s healing sister, Phae, and his second in command, Lysander, who is now taken over for Ares (while he is on his honeymoon with Emma).  Since he lost his eye, Lysander has pushed Phae away and Phae who has tried to love someone else but her heart keeps coming back to him.  Lysander has a secret he is only half Sicari…and he was a product of a rape.  His real father is his enemy and Lysander will do anything to bring him down.  Now Phae and Lysander must work together as the past and passion dances around them.

If you loved Ares and Emma’s story you will LOVE Lysander and Phae.  The storyline from book one continues but this time we get it through Lysander and Phae’s eyes.  Just a wonderful novel!


(Book 3)



Dante is the heir apparent to the Sicari Lords (ie: Marcus) and since a teenager he has taken a vow.  He has not been tempted by many things until he meets Cleopatra…a beauty and a brilliant fighter among the Sicari.  Cleopatra not having an ability like other Sicari likes to work  on her own until she learns Dante has her passion in rescuing Sicari Women from the Praetorians.  The sparks fly and Cleo tries to keep Dante at an emotional distance and Dante tries to keep Cleo at a physical distance.

More please!!! A great romantic action novel with really spicy scenes!


I was unaware that Kelley Armstrong had a series and picked up her third book, Dime Store Magic and loved it.  Moved onto Industrial Magic (Book 4) and it was just as lovely….then a friend told me that there were actually two books prior to these ones.  I quickly went out and read Bitten (Book 1) and Stolen (Book 2) and was not impressed.  I am glad I did not know and got to enjoy this series….


(Book 1)

1.5 STARS 

For once I am glad that I did not start with the first book as I would have stopped at this book.  I was not really into the Elena and Clay love story or the werewolf/pack stuff. It is well written though and I would still encourage people to read it as it gives background information to the Otherworld series.  And, Jeremy is worth the read!


This is the second book in the series but it was the 4th book I read.  The supernaturals are kidnapped in this novel and it introduces the readers to the witches coven.  I did not love this novel but I did like it. 

3.5 STARS (Reread)

Elena finds out there are other supernaturals in the world – witches, vampires and demons – and that there is council that wants the werewolves to join.  As they all meet up Elena is kidnapped and finds herself in a lab environment where humans are trying to duplicate their powers and watch how they operate. 

When I first read this novel I had not liked the first book but loved the third and fourth so that probably tainted my opinion on it.  Recently I reread it for a group read and I liked it a lot better than my initial read.  While I am still not into Clay, Elena grew on me a bit more.


This is the first book I read in the Otherworld series and love Paige Winterbourne and Lucas Cortez.  I also love the relationship between Paige and her charge, Savannah.  I love supernatural stories but not many novels capture my interest until this one.  A very well-written novel with plenty of action and intrigue.

Will be rereading this month and will update review!